Spotting a fake friend

A lot of people tend to pretend to be friends when talking to someone when the fact is that they truly want more from a relationship. It is quite hard to find the right friend nowadays. A lot of people have to face with fake friends and this scenario happens quite frequently. You should distinguish fake friends from real friends. Usually people think that after a rejection the other person will change their mind. This sting isn`t true at all.

If your friends like you, they will always want to spend time with you and to meet with you face-to-face. If you are not excited to see your friends in the real world, you should think a lot if they are truly your friends and you are not dealing with fake friends. There comes a time when a fake friends appears in your life. This is when you should be careful and you should ask yourself some questions regarding this new friend. You should question if this new friend steals you more time than your regular friends that you had for years. Another thing you should think about is if this friend is not excited or way more excited than you expected, to see him. When this happens, you should think more about your friendship.

Another thing that you have to think about is if you will be happier if you stop meeting this person. You should think a lot about meeting new persons. If they try to do something that you aren`t okay with, than it is a great idea to move away from this friend. A true friend will never be jealous about your actions and will support you if you are going through some hard times. Another thing that you should take into consideration is if this friend is trustful.

You should take into consideration if a true friend invests his time into your problems. A real friend will help you with everything he can. He will stand next to you and he will give you the meaningful advice you want. A true friend is quite rare nowadays and you will see that if you have one, you will be really happy about him. You should always ask if the person sitting next to you is a friend or not. You will need to surround yourself with people that you trust so you will always be happy.

Any chance of a student hostel

The students started a new academic year, I had and that they to relocate or to bring in the new bags in the city in studying, so to move – in a word, I thought I’d recount a story heard from a friend of mine one evening when I had no sleep and we got into all of storytelling, probably from too much alcohol – the typical student.

One evening of late autumn, a little before the session of the winter, your colleague walks on the floor where he was staying in a student hostel. Initially, it was on the phone with his girlfriend and in reflex, he made several laps of the landing – being taken away basically from the conversation he was holding with that girl. When the conversation ended, it closed and headed for his room, but he heard some strange noises and curiosity did not leave until I find out exactly where they come from.

It was just some moans of a girl making love with her boyfriend, a student staying in the same dorm. My friend called the guys from the neighboring rooms and they agreed to open the door and enter over the lovers, as a kind of joke. When they entered, they were left surprised by what is happening in the room that. The two young men were watching scenes from the films from an industry that we all know and trying to apply them and what’s going on in the movie. Both remained petrified of shame and they moved shortly from home respectively because I don’t want to be the butt of the joke whenever they hang out or someone in the group who caught them “in the act” ii notice.

We all know that such things happen, but we need to be more discreet when we’re going to do a crazy thing like that, otherwise we can get the butt of the joke.